There are around 200 different online slots (and counting) that you can play right now at Ignition Casino. How do the software developing wizards come up with all these different games? For the most part, they stick to certain themes that have proved popular over the years, adding new bells and whistles with every advance in technology. Here are the three most popular slot themes you’ll find here.

Cleopatra Slots

There are dozens of slots based on historical figures from across the globe (see below), but one person stands above them all. The woman known officially as Cleopatra VII Philopator was the last of her kind, ruling Egypt before it fell to the Roman Empire, and her stories have been passed down through the generations. Most of these stories focus on her beauty, which you’ll see on display in the most popular online slot there is, A Night With Cleo. You can also hunt for Cleopatra’s Coins and Cleopatra’s Gold when you play at Ignition.


Mythical Slots

Every civilization has its own mythology, featuring gods and demigods, angels and demons, and all sorts of magic going on. Games like Coins of Olympus, Goblin’s Gold and 8 Lucky Charms will take you to new worlds – some real, some mythical – and give you the chance to collect magical treasures while you’re chasing down the big jackpot. Don’t forget about dragons: These adorable firebreathers are waiting for you at Dragons, Dragon Princess and Diamond Dragon. And for a special treat, try out the enhanced graphics and animation in Lost Secrets of Atlantis.


Ancient Civilization Slots

The further you go back in time, the harder it is to sort out “true” history from mythology. That’s why stories from ancient times, like those of Cleopatra, remain captivating to this day. The Roman Empire is well represented at the slots; you’ll even get a cameo appearance from Cleo when you play Caesar’s Empire. Or for something slightly more modern, you could travel to 14th-Century Mexico and play Aztec’s Treasure, where you can win a random progressive jackpot on your way to meeting the Aztec King. Watch out for those fire gods, now.