At Ignition Casino, we live and breath online poker. Our poker promotions are designed by avid poker players who recognize when a player needs something extra. It could be to help boost morale or to help celebrate a great hand. We’ve got two online poker promotions to assist in both situations.


Bad Beat Poker Bonus

There’s nothing worse than getting a killer hand, only to be beaten by an even better one. It hurts, we know. To help you bounce back from the trauma, we have a Bad Beat promotion. Here’s how it works:

If, after going to showdown, your full house (Aces full of Kings) gets cracked by a Four of a Kind or better, submit your hand and table number to Hands that meet the promotion’s requirements get a bonus worth 100X the big blind, up to $1,000 – rollover free. How’s that for a consolation prize? Bear in mind, more than two players need to be dealt into the hand for it to be considered a Bad Beat.

Here are a few details to ensure eligibility.

  • You have 48 hours to submit your Bad Beat hand.
  • The winning and losing hand must use both hole cards.
  • The promotion is only for Texas Hold’em cash games.

For more information on our Bad Beat promotion, check out our promotions page.


Royal Flush Poker Bonus

Landing a Royal Flush is so special, it deserves its own bonus. With that in mind, we created the Royal Flush bonus – one of the best poker promotions online. Anytime you get a royal flush while using both your pocket cards, you’re eligible for a bonus payout of 50X the big blind, for a maximum of $200. You have 48 hours to submit this hand to

In order to be eligible for this rollover-free bonus, three or more players must have been dealt into the hand. Additionally, you don’t need to go to showdown, but you must have won the pot. And, as is the case with our Bad Beat promo, the Royal Flush promotion is only for Texas Hold’em cash games; it’s not available in tournament poker. For more information on this promo, check out our Royal Flush Bonus page.