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Everybody loves the pokies and the online slots are even better. You can win bigger a payout playing an online casino than you can at a brick and mortar one, they are available 24/7 from even your mobile device and there are so many games to choose from that you’re bound to find a hot streak on any number of machines. What’s even better? We at Ignition Casino are very excited to finally open our slots online at Ignition Casino to our friends across in the ocean in Australia. So, G’day Australia! Are you ready to have some serious fun winning real buckeroos?

Friends in Sydney, stay home and play the best casino available instead of traipsing into The Star. We are renowned the world over for bringing non-stop action and offering our players the best games available. If you enjoy playing for big AUD wins then you are going to love playing with us. Living in Brisbane? Skip the crowds and avoid the weather. The Treasury might be a nice venue but what you’re really interested in is finding casino slot machines that offer you exciting adventures, great looking graphics and uninterrupted play time. The same goes for our brothers and sisters living in Melbourne. Forget the Crown and instead get comfy in the privacy of your own home where you’ll win free spins and be rewarded just for joining our little family online.

If you’re ready to win real money gambling online with Ignition Casino, then let’s show you how to get started and what kind of fun you’re in for.

Can you win money playing online slots?

Just like the slot machines in your live casinos, clubs and pubs, the online slots at Ignition Casino are real, money-making pokies. We are now finally open to Australians so you can now sign up and become a member of Ignition Casino for full and unadulterated access to our range of 5 reel and 3 reel online pokies, as well as the rest of our casino classics. If you’re a video slot games fan then we are absolutely positive that you’re going to enjoy playing online with us.

We have highly rewarding deposit bonus available for all of our new members so you when you start off playing slot games, you’re already a winner. How many local Aussie clubs offer you playing money just for walking through the door?

Our bonus offers are available across not only our slots online but also across all of our best games which include the tables classics in the normal versions you’re used to seeing everywhere, as well as a few extra and more thrilling options than you’ll ever find inside a live casino. If you’re a cards fan and enjoy a little dealer action, then take a look at our blackjack options and variations. Play Single Deck and Double Deck 21 and edge out the house. Don’t get too comfortable with the cards too early, though, because there’s a whole lot more available online to play. Hit the craps tables next and dice with fate for the chance to win big at everybody’s favourite French winner. When your luck is in, you can get really get the blood pumping and when the wins are high, why not celebrate learning to finally play baccarat

It’s the game that everybody knows and recognises but do you really know how to play? Follow our simple How-To’s and get our hot tips and strategies for betting the best way in this game of intense skill. You can play patiently and hedge your bets, or you can get really wild when you know Lady Luck is by your side. The best bit? If you’re new to casino games and you’re not sure exactly how to play, then we offer a Practice Mode for beginners to get their eye in before they have to start laying money down on the table. Now, you don’t find that just anywhere. Develop a clear strategy, get used to the kinds of hands that you’re likely to be betting on and feel really confident before you wade into the live versions. 

If strategy, patience and skills reading the deck is the kind of thing that gives that warm and funny feeling every player gets when they really find their game, why not learn poker with us too? We have all the best versions available to play online and offer an anonymous table option which keeps you and all your tells a complete secret. Just rock up to a table when it’s available, be dealt in with the other faceless players and play the hands as they come. Get really good in Practice Mode and join or tournament or two? How much better would it be to earn your living playing a few hands of poker everyday rather than heading into a drab 9 to 5 every day of the week?

Just when you couldn’t possibly think there was much more to offer, we introduce Keno and Bingo online. Like the lottery running every minute or so, you can bet big or bet wise playing Australia’s favourite numbers game. Now, however, there’s no need to wait between games. Play as often as you like, as many games as you like, and win a tidy sum across multiple games simultaneously. Stay vigilant, though. Playing multiple cards can be exciting but don’t lose your way.

All of these are available when you’re tired of the online slots – ha! – or looking for a little something different between adventures. 

Are online slots rigged?

This is probably the most asked question and, to be fair, it’s a pretty legitimate worry that any new player should take the time to investigate. It’s good to check the voracity of the online casino you intend to play with before you sign up and start playing any of their machines or games. What you should probably bear in mind, however, is that slots online are probably the most popular way for people to gamble over the internet. If they were rigged then there’s no way they would be this popular and any online casino fielding rigged games is not likely to last very long. The internet is a very small place when patrons think you’re guilty of dodgy dealings. 

We are one of the most popular and largest online casinos available and we offer 100% legitimate machines run by a Random Number Generator which allocates completely random spins on every game you play. Most online slots available at any online venue are run this way and it’s something you should always look out for.

So, what are you waiting for? You’ve got nothing to lose except your chance to win big, have fun doing it and come back tomorrow. Become a member today and make your first deposit, your first win when we give you some playing money on us! We accept all of the usual methods plus your bitcoin, making us a cryptocurrency casino too. 

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