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Online roulette

Online roulette

This is where the magic seems to really happen. There are few more exciting and thrilling games to both play and watch and online roulette just has to rank close to the top of that list. Here at Ignition Casino, we are very pleased and excited to announce that our online casino is now open to Australians and where better to start than at everybody’s favourite wheel of chance. It’s the money shot that shows the audience they’re really at a casino, it’s the wheel they use to symbolise fortune and chance, and it’s just plain sexy to watch that little white ball spin around and gently tick, tick on to a little numbered black or red square.

If you’ve ever been inside the Crown Casinos in Melbourne or Perth, then you couldn’t have missed the casino roulette table. Similarly at the Treasury Casio in Brisbane and The Star at the heart of Sydney Harbour, the great wheel is a commanding presence and it’s usually surrounded by serious punters who know what they’re doing, or a Hen’s Party full of over excited players who, while they don’t know what they doing, are still enjoying the experience. 

Online roulette is the quieter and more private opportunity to make serious wins in Australia. Not only do you have the comfort of your own home to play in, but if you’re not quite sure of the rules then you have the added benefit of learning to play before you place a bet. We’ve put together some basic rules and a few tips toward building the best strategy you can have when you start to play roulette for money. And, boy, can you win some serious money.

How to play roulette?

At Ignition Casino, we offer all of our patrons the choice of four online roulette games to play. The types of roulette available include two versions of American Roulette and two versions of European Roulette. Our roulette casino games can be played within your web browser and is also available for mobile devices. There is also a Practice Mode available for anyone who wants to familiarise themselves with the game before they start betting. We highly recommend using this function if you’ve never played before and, even if you have, to ensure you fully understand how your bets will work before you start dipping into your bankroll.

In a nutshell, when you play roulette, you are essentially betting on where you think the little white ball will land once it’s spun onto the wheel by the croupier. With American Roulette, you have the option of selecting 00 0 – 36 of non-sequential numbers to choose from which are placed on either red or black squares. The European version, or otherwise known as French Roulette, has 0 – 36 to choose from and does not include the “00” but otherwise is the same.

The bet is not quite as simple as choosing the winning number on a given colour. Although you can make that bet and, should you win, the payout is very high (35:1 when playing American Roulette) given how lucky you would need to be to have predicted it, there are safer bets with slightly lower roulette odds and slightly better chances of winning available. Especially for beginners.

Online roulette is, essentially, a game of chance but the bets available include selecting a particular colour, a group of numbers, whether the number will be odd or even, whether it will be a high number (19-36) or a low number (1-18) , a particular number, 2 – 6 number combinations and 0, 1, 2, 3 number combinations. The house edge is 5.26% and this is calculated based on the odds offered for any given bet.

Is online roulette fixed?

Just as with live dealer roulette, it is not very sensible to rig any casino game and with both real roulette and online roulette it’s exactly the same situation. If our games were rigged then nobody would want to play them and without players, there’s no point in a running a casino. Games of chance like roulette are operated by a piece of computer programming called a Random Number Generator which ensures that every time our online croupier spins the wheel, the result is a randomly generated delivery of fate, not a fake. If it wasn’t, then the online gambling community would not take very long to spread the word and nobody would be playing at Ignition Casino.

Instead, we are happily one of the largest online casinos available and we are very interested in building a satisfied and loyal family throughout Australia.

How to win at online roulette?

There is no one trick or ultimate roulette strategy that will lead you to win after win when you’re playing the wheel. There are, however, conservative bets that you can make and not so conservative bets. There is a maximum bid of $1000 permitted on the table and bets can be made for $1, $5, $25, $100 or $500. You place your bets by clicking the corresponding box on the table so if you were selecting a particular number, like red 34, then you would click the red square containing the number 34. This is considered an Inside Bet and it has a maximum of $500 per bet.

If you were choosing to bet on a selection of numbers, then you would click the box containing the selection of numbers you have chosen. These boxes are located outside the box and are therefore known as Outside Bets. There is a $500 limit per bet bringing the maximum allowable bid of $1000.

How to win will depend largely on your command of the rules, you’re understanding of how the odds of each of your bets will payout and good, solid dose of Lady Luck. And that’s how it should always be. That’s where all those thrills and that excitement that only casino classics like roulette or craps can offer you really come from.

How many slots on a roulette wheel?

There can be a maximum of 38 slots on a roulette wheel and how they are numbered varies slightly as explained above. American Roulette counts from 1 to 36 and includes 0 and 00 so therefore comes to a total of 38. European and French versions count from 0 to 36 and therefore have 37 numbered slots.

Along with online roulette, Ignition Casino also offer a fun and thrilling array of casino classics which include blackjack, poker, baccarat and the pokies. If you can find at brick and mortar casino then you can find it online at Ignition Casino, and probably in a few different versions just to keep things interesting. Join our online family and become a member of Ignition Casino to qualify for our deposit bonus and tonnes of other bonus offers made within each of our individual games. Choose progressive jackpots for the chance to win some huge money or keep the good times rolling with the dicing tables.

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