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Online gambling

Online gambling is as old as the internet and the simple reason for that is: because it’s fun! Gambling online comes in a range of different formats depending on your style and, more often than not, depending on what you’re used to and what you’ve been exposed to. There are the races, there are scatchies and then there is the online casino. Some people are put off by the complexity of some of the games or others just haven’t had the chance to really play any of them before, whatever your reason for never having visited an online casino, we have about 10 for why you should try Ignition Casino, now available in the great land down under.

If you currently live in Australia then you have probably been inside a casino in Sydney such as The Star on the city’s famous harbour, or at Treasury Casino in Brisbane, or inside one of the whopping Crown palaces in Melbourne or in Perth, then you know that casinos are built, first and foremost, to impress their patrons. There are usually strips of shopping boutiques, if not out-right malls, built within them and about a million different restaurants and cocktail bars, a few performance spaces, a squashed carpark barely dealing with the demand and scores and scores of all kinds of people who are there for all sorts of reasons. It can seem like an intimidating place, made to make a statement. And, it is exactly that.

But once you get inside the doors and you’ve looked at the pretty wall panelling and the glitzy finish, what you’re left with is row upon row of the same old games. If you know your games and you’re more interested in testing your skills, honing your strategies and bringing fate to its knees, then you don’t need the glamour and the distraction of all the bells and whistles around the casino. If you’re brand new to the casino life and haven’t the faintest idea which game to start with or whether this is really for you, then a quiet space in some comfy surroundings, like your own lounge room, can give you precisely the peace and privacy you need to learn the ropes and start understanding why this is all so much bloody fun.

Online gambling with us at Ignition Casino is just a little bit different. The way we impress our patrons is with more important things like a deposit bonus when you become a member. How many other casinos have you been to that offer you real money just for walking in the door?

Our casino games are more varied and more exciting too, with higher cash payouts on your classical favourites and more exciting variations on the live dealer games you’re used to either seeing in all the films or walking past on the real casino floor.

Finally, Ignition Casino is open to Aussies with all of our games available to play online from within Australia. So, Australians, are you ready to make some serious AUD playing at any of our table games, at our selection of 3 reel and 5 reel online pokies including some fantastic video poker options offering the best house edge available to play anywhere in the world? Because we’re ready.

Is it safe to gamble online?

What if we answer this question with one of our own: Is it safe to bank online? Any time you’re transacting money on the internet, there is a risk involved but that risk is taken care of by the institution taking responsibility for it. Our website is 100% safe to play and if you’re worried that the games are rigged, think again. 

There would be absolutely no point to running mobile casinos available on web browsers and smart devices if the games weren’t fair to play and nobody ever won playing them. Word would get out pretty quickly and no one would want to play any of them which makes that online gambling venture entirely kaput. 

Gambling online with games like roulette, craps and all slots are run using a Random Number Generator. This piece of programming runs the chance function of our games and allocates completely random strings of code to each roll of your dice, each spin the wheel, the numbers drawn when you play keno online or bingo, and the reels on our pokies. When you win, you win fair and when you lose, then you’re luck wasn’t in or, perhaps, you didn’t completely understand the rules. 

That’s another thing which sets apart the online gambling experience at a casino like Ignition Casino. If you aren’t sure how to play a game, then we have some simple How-To’s available which cover the basics, and then a Practice Mode available for you to play for free. 

When you’re at a live casino, you don’t have the option of asking the croupier to give you a few practice goes, or the dealer to toss you some pretend cards so you know what to look out when you’re ready to bet. Gambling online with Ignition Casino is supposed to be fun and the more you know and understand, the more intelligent your bets will be, and the more excited you’ll find it when your playing. So, take advantage of the Practice Mode when it’s available and ensure that you understand the rules and the best strategies for playing all of our games before you start betting with your bankroll.

When it comes to your bankroll, you also have a few more options to deposit from than your regular casinos will offer. We accept credit cards and we are also a cryptocurrency friendly establishment so you can use your Bitcoin to bankroll you, if you so choose. Can you use your digital currency at your local club, pub or Aussie casino?

Can you make money gambling online?

There are plenty of professional poker players out there who make a steady income playing rounds and tournaments online. If you’re sensible and responsible, and you understand that gambling online for a job is just like any other job in that it’s hard work to learn and you need to continue doing it to continue making money, then yeah.. you probably could earn a decent living playing blackjack online or any of your other favourite games. 

But gambling online is generally for fun and sport, rather than your normal 9 – 5 type situation. With Ignition Casino, you are playing for real cash when not in Practice Mode so you make actual Australian dollars on your wins, yes.

Which is the best online casino?

Far be it from us to say Ignition Casino but… we’re going to say Ignition Casino. So, what you waiting for? If you’re still not sure whether gambling online is really your thing, scroll through some of the games available and have go at the Practice Mode for a few. What do you lose by trying? Nothing! Give it a go and discover for yourself how fun, easy and lucrative a flutter on the poker machines, at the card tables or around the dice really is.

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