Bitcoin Poker at Ignition

Nearly a decade ago, Ignition Casino was launched with a simple mandate: Bring the best Bitcoin experience possible to our customers. We were one of the first online casinos to accept cryptocurrency, and we've put that experience to good use, creating the industry's top crypto gaming platform.

That platform includes the best Bitcoin poker site in the business. Ignition Poker takes everything that's great about online poker and makes it even better by allowing our players to deposit and withdraw using Bitcoin, alongside a growing list of other leading digital coins.

Cryptocurrency is a big step up from the old way of doing things. When you play Bitcoin poker, online transactions work much more smoothly than when you use other methods - especially credit cards, which have become increasingly difficult to process in the United States.

We still accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express, of course. And there are other ways to move money in and out of your Ignition account. But anytime there's a third party like a bank or a credit card company involved, your transactions will naturally take longer, and when it comes to those credit cards, they might even get blocked.

That won't happen when you use crypto to play at Ignition Poker. This guide will introduce you to the next wave of online gaming, and all of the benefits you'll enjoy when you use Bitcoin or any of the other digital coins on our list to play the beautiful game of online poker.

Best Bitcoin Poker Online in USA

bitcoin poker chips with high cards on table First off, we're very pleased to tell you that Ignition Poker is by far the No. 1 online poker site in the United States when it comes to traffic - meaning the number of players who come to play. We accept customers from 45 of the 50 states, bringing legal online poker to millions of fans who would otherwise be shut out under current laws.


The player pool at Ignition Poker extends even further than that. Because we're part of the larger PaiWangLuo international network of online poker sites, you'll be playing with other poker fans from across the world, and not just those in your home state.


This is absolutely critical if you're serious at all about poker - or even if you're just trying to have the most fun possible. When poker sites are limited to players in-state, there aren't enough tables in action at any one time to guarantee access to the games you love. Larger player pools mean more tables running, giving you a wider variety of games to play, including Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo as well as Texas Hold'em.


Larger player pools also mean you're more likely to find a "live" game with plenty of action. Poker is always more fun when players are splashing the pot; our international player pool brings all kinds of people into the mix, most of them recreational players who just want to have a good time at the tables. Ignition with Cryptocurrency makes this all possible by letting players conduct seamless transactions regardless of where they live.


Poker Deposit Bonuses with crypto

poker cards with regular and bitcoin chips Online poker is even more fun when there's free cash involved. Ignition is already home to some of the most generous deposit bonuses you'll find anywhere; those bonuses get even bigger when you use Bitcoin to move money into your Ignition Poker account.


It all starts with our Ignition Welcome Bonus for new players. If you use one of the older methods to make your first deposit at Ignition, we match that amount by 100% for use at Ignition Poker, and another 100% you can use to play all of the exciting games at Ignition Casino. But if you use Bitcoin to make that deposit, we'll match that amount by 150% instead, for up to $3,000 in free bonus cash.


All you have to do to claim your Welcome Bonus is enter the bonus code when you make your initial Bitcoin deposit. There are different codes for different bonuses; choose the one that matches the bonus you want to claim, then proceed with your deposit.


Once your funds are in your Ignition account, it's time to start playing. The more poker you play within the first 30 days after your deposit, the more bonus money you'll receive. Same goes for all of the games at Ignition Casino.


There's plenty more bonus cash you can claim throughout the year at Ignition. There's the "Tell A Friend" referral bonus, the Weekly Boost, and specifically for our Ignition Poker players, the Royal Flush and Bad Beat bonuses. Check our Promotions page to learn about all of the different bonuses you can claim.


BTC Deposits and Withdrawals

poker chips with bitcoinIf you've never used Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency before, it might all seem a bit confusing at first, but it's actually very easy - as you'll see when you watch our Bitcoin video tutorials for how to deposit and withdraw. In a nutshell, you'll make your deposits at Ignition by purchasing some cryptocurrency from a crypto exchange (we recommend a registered exchange, rather than peer-to-peer), then using your crypto wallet (you can download one onto your smartphone for free) to move those funds into your Ignition account. We'll automatically convert those funds into US dollars, so you don't have to worry about the crypto volatility - price going up or down while you're playing.


When it's time to withdraw, the process works exactly the same way, but in reverse - use your digital wallet to receive your funds, which we'll convert back into your chosen digital coin. If you want, you can "hold" your crypto in your wallet, or you can use your exchange to convert those funds back into US dollars and transfer them to your bank account. We recommend doing the latter for added security; the main thing is to avoid leaving any funds lying around at the exchange. Our Bitcoin FAQ and Help guides will explain it all for you.


Bitcoin Video Poker

There's more than one way to play poker at Ignition. Video poker is a simplified one-player version of 5-Card Draw that you can play anytime, 24/7 at Ignition Casino; this is a great way to claim as much of that free bonus cash as possible. You receive five cards, then you get to draw once, replacing as many or as few of those cards as you wish. The stronger poker hand you make, the more money you win. What could be easier than that?


Poker Tournaments with BTC

If you'd rather stick to the Ignition Poker side of things, there's always something waiting for you on our tournament schedule. Poker tournaments are the most popular way to play online poker these days; in addition to all the usual tournaments on our menu, we have dedicated Bitcoin tourneys that are only available to players who use crypto at Ignition. On top of that, we have special Bitcoin freerolls available throughout the year that you can play with zero buy-ins or entry fees.


Mobile Poker with Bitcoin

Last, but not least, we're proud to offer all this poker action on your mobile devices as well as your desktop. Every cash game, every tournament and every Sit-and-Go at Ignition Poker can be played on your tablet or smartphone, and you don't have to download any software to do it. So what are you waiting for? Get on the cryptocurrency train today, and enjoy the best Bitcoin online poker experience in the business right here at Ignition.