In this day and age, there’s no question that Bitcoin (or Bitcoin Cash) is the best way to play at Ignition Poker. Your transactions go through quickly and securely, and you pay a lot less in fees, so you can concentrate on playing the greatest card game in the world. But you can’t use Bitcoin without getting a Bitcoin wallet first – and it’s important to choose the right one before playing. We’ll show you how in the latest chapter of our Ignition Bitcoin guide.


Setting Up a Bitcoin Wallet for Online Poker

There are actually many different kinds of cryptocurrency wallets, which you’ll use to transfer funds from your bank account to a Bitcoin exchange, then into your Ignition Poker account (and vice versa when you withdraw). If you’re looking specifically for a Bitcoin online poker wallet, we highly recommend you think twice – online wallets allow additional third parties to access your information. Download a digital wallet app instead, either onto your desktop, or preferably to your smartphone.

If you’re going to be handling large amounts of Bitcoin, and/or you want to hold onto some crypto for a while instead of turning it back into “fiat” currency, consider using a physical hardware wallet instead of downloading – then store that wallet in a very secure place. But unless you’re a super high roller, a digital wallet should take care of your online poker needs. For added security, just remember to convert your funds at a regulated Bitcoin exchange (here’s a list of recommendations), and make your transfers in reasonably short order.


What is the Best Bitcoin Wallet to Use?

There are a number of quality Bitcoin wallets out there, but the best one for you to use will depend on which platform you’re using. If you’re going to use a desktop wallet, we recommend either Electrum or Exodus, which have special security features to help ward off malware. For mobile users on an Android device, consider Mycelium. If your device runs iOS, give BreadWallet a try. We also recommend Copay for either Android or iOS.


Playing Online Poker with Bitcoin

Once you’ve got your crypto wallet up and running (and you’ve opened an account at your chosen Bitcoin exchange), you’ll be able to make Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals at Ignition Poker. Once your deposits clear, we’ll automatically convert your crypto to US dollars and place those funds directly into your account. When you select Bitcoin as your withdrawal method, we’ll convert those US dollars to Bitcoin. This means you don’t have to worry so much about whether the price of Bitcoin is going up or down – your funds will only be in crypto for the time it takes to complete your transaction.

Is Bitcoin beginning to feel less cryptic? Feel free to consult our ongoing Bitcoin guide (plus our FAQ and Video Library) for more information on how to use crypto to play at Ignition Poker. And if you’re thinking about holding onto some Bitcoin as an investment, make sure you take whatever additional security measures are prudent for that purpose.